If You Received Blackmail Email Similar To The Example Below.
To: yourname@yourdomain.com
Subject: yourname@yourdomain.com hacked! Change your password now!
I greet you!
I have bad news for you.
16/01/2020 - That day I hacked your operating system.
The CSS library, Bootstrap 4.0, which the Twitter team has developed and made available for everyone, is now available. What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is a front-end framework produced with the mobile-first motto. Although it does not make much sense to say this, it actually makes the job of website designers much easier. There are two major libraries of popular JavaScript libraries, including jquery and popper.
The technology we use today is outdated after a month. Constantly new software languages, markup languages, frameworks, and many other software projects that make our work easier. SASS and SCSS are one of them. Sass was a Ruby Gem by Hampton Catlin in 2006, developed by the idea of developing CSS and CSS3 with a structure similar to Ruby. Continued to be developed by Hampton until 2008, Sass is currently being developed by hundreds of developers with repo on Github.
Nowadays we have been working global as 267, it has become a necessity to create globally accepted standards in our departments. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Javascript, front-end working policy and standards are listed in this blog.
Search engine optimization is the promotion of targeted websites to targeted searches by matching them to the criteria of search engines. English and Turkish are briefly referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, search engines use an algorithmic structure when listing search results. That's why web developers; The pages they write are formed by taking care of this detail. As the Internet increased in economic power, it started to spread rapidly.
You can provide an environment where you can share useful information about your company, show products and service groups, and use it as an effective way of communication. Moreover, if you think that this information can change during your commercial life or that you can offer new products and services, a website with the possibility of updating will be your best choice.
Mobile compatibility is at the forefront of what matters to every site. Technology is constantly evolving, so we are always in a position to keep up with the voices of this development. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to have access to your website from devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile compatibility is a necessary way for your content and images to be easily viewed and used.
Do you intend to start a business where you sell your products online? If so, you are ready to take your place in the world of e-commerce. Essentially, e-commerce means purchasing and selling goods and / or services through electronic channels such as the Internet. E-commerce was first introduced in the 1960s. Growing Internet access and growth at the beginning of the 1990s and early 2000s with the emergence of popular online retailers. In 1995, Amazon acted as a book shipping company in Jeff Bezos' garage. E-Bay, which enables consumers to sell to each other online, introduced online auctions in 1995.
Web sites are one of the biggest requirements of internet technology which is getting more and more every day. For this reason, you have decided to make yourself or your company a website. But you do not know where to start, and there are many questions in your head. Let us now outline the work to be carried out in order and remove these question marks from the center.
This page tells you how to download your POP3 e-mail account by downloading the step-by-step Microsoft Outlook program. It is set to be an example for e-mail addresses and server addresses appearing in images. For this reason, do not enter the information shown in the picture into these boxes. Installation of your e-mail account information in the boxes specified by the order of steps below.