267.Bootstrap 4 Published!

Bootstrap 4 Published!
The CSS library, Bootstrap 4.0, which the Twitter team has developed and made available for everyone, is now available.
What is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is a front-end framework produced with the mobile-first motto. Although it does not make much sense to say this, it actually makes the job of website designers much easier. There are two major libraries of popular JavaScript libraries, including jquery and popper. CSS is also included in the framework package. Nowadays almost all web pages of the next generation benefit from this framework in their designs, and the reason why it is so popular is the Mobile-first feature as mentioned in its slogan.
The resolution problem, that is, the distortion of the layout on the page as the screen resolution changed, was the biggest problem of the designers for a very long time. Especially with the use of mobile devices, at least 2 designs had to be made for the same site.
Another important problem is the browser (mozilla firefox, google chrome, opera, safari etc.) problems. The appearance of the Web page is different from the browser, which causes a design problem and time-consuming job loss.