267.Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting

267, we provide you with all the services you need (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube channel, etc.) in a social media consulting service.

      Most clients begin working with Maximize Your Social with one-on-one social media strategy consulting to understand the unique needs of each customer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for social media, and thus the objective of social media strategy consulting is to, in essence, understand how to map and integrate social media strategy with your own existing corporate objectives.

Marketing and business development are common objectives for engaging with Maximize Your Social and creating a social media strategy, but past clients have included those who wanted to know how to better integrate Social Recruiting and Customer Service utilizing social media with their corporate strategy. The social media strategy consulting program includes on-site visits with your team, a social media audit of your current efforts as well as those of your competitors, and conclude with a deliverable document that provides an actionable blueprint for how to be self-sufficient in your social media implementation well into the future.